Wagyu Sampler Bundle



2 – Pounds of Ground Beef
2 – Smoked sausages
2 – Chuck eye filet or top sirloin steak
1 – Ribeye steak
1 – Strip steak
1 – Filet Mignon

The Sampler Bundle is a great way to try a variety of wagyu beef cuts and see which ones you like best. The bundle includes two pounds of ground beef, two smoked sausages, two chuck eye filet or top sirloin steaks, one ribeye steak, one strip steak, and one filet mignon, providing a diverse range of cuts that are perfect for grilling, smoking, or any other method of preparation. The wagyu beef in this bundle is known for its tenderness and rich, flavorful taste, making it the perfect choice for any recipe that requires premium cuts of meat. Whether you’re a seasoned beef connoisseur or simply looking to try something new, the Sampler Bundle has something for everyone. Order the Sampler Bundle today and experience the delicious flavors of wagyu beef in your own kitchen!


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